アウトライン パートナー Ⅱ・ホワイト|PARTNER Ⅱ Cal.Miyota9039(WHITE)


駆動方式:自動巻き(日本製Cal.Miyota 9039/24石/毎時2万8800振動(日差-10秒+30秒)/最大巻き上げ時42時間パワーリザーブ/ハック機能搭載)

Ref.YK20211-2WT|Japan-made mechanical automatic movement(CALIBER Miyota9039)/316L stainless steel case,304 stainless steel rivetbracelet/[Case diameter]36mm/[Thickness]13.9mm/[Power reserve]42 hours, self-winding/[Jewels]24/[Frequency]28,800bph/[Water resistance]5ATM/150(White)/Made in Japan


前作“アウトライン・パートナー 1”といえば2020年7月に11月の発売に先駆けて実施したクラウドファンディング「ウオッチメーカーズ」で、何と1400万円以上もの申し込みが集まるなど高い評価を得ました。




時計ブランド“アウトライン(OUTLINE)”は、「POWER Watch」「LowBEAT」そして「TIME Gear」と数々の時計専門誌を手がけている菊地吉正が、数多くの時計に長年接してきた経験を生かし、ファッショナブルで長年愛用できる時計にこだわって作りたいと、自らが立ち上げたブランドです。
アンティークウオッチそのものズバリではないですが、機械式腕時計の黄金期だった、1940〜60年代の雰囲気を大切にし、その時代のテイストを日常使いで楽しんでもらえるものを提供したいという思いから、「概略・あらすじ」といった意味合いの “アウトライン(OUTLINE)”というブランド名を付けました。大人の男性でも安っぽくなく安心して着けられて、しかもファッション的にもいい感じで決まる。そんな時計を小ロットでこぢんまりと展開しています。


Reproduction honeycomb dials from the 1950s
We created it with an antique feel to it.

“Outline Partner 2”, the second in a series of collaborations between Outline and the unique actor and antique Rolex enthusiast, Mr. Houka Kinoshita.
The previous work, Outline Partner 1, was launched in July 2020 on the crowdfunding website “Watchmakers” in advance of its release in November 2020, and received high praise with over 14 million Japanese yen in applications.
The last one was inspired by a famous diver’s watch. This time, the motif is completely different from that mood, and the motif is that masterpiece which name is synonymous with “3, 6, 9” Arabic indexes.

The first thing that Mr. Kinoshita insisted on in developing this watch was the decoration of the dial. It was to recreate the honeycomb pattern seen on the first model manufactured in the 1950s. Mr. Kinoshita says, “I would like people who buy this watch to take a look at the dial with a loupe. He is very impressed with the workmanship.
Another important feature is that we have reproduced the rare white dial type, which is said to have been made for the American market at that time. For this reason, we have prepared two different designs, one with a black dial and the other with a white dial. The honeycomb pattern is the same, but the hands and indexes are slightly different, and both types are so attractive that it is which one to choose is difficult.
There is one more thing that is very different from the previous model. It is that the mood of an antique watch has been emphasized. One of the most notable features of this work is that it dares to reproduce the taste of antique look.


The watch brand “OUTLINE” has been created by Yoshimasa Kikuchi, who has worked on numerous watch magazines such as “POWER Watch”, “LowBEAT”, and “TIME Gear”. The brand was launched by Kikuchi himself to create fashionable watches that can be used for many years.
Although not an antique watch itself, the brand was created with the intention of cherishing the atmosphere of the 1940’s to 1960’s, the golden age of mechanical watches, and to provide something that people can enjoy the taste of that era in their daily use. The brand name “OUTLINE” means “outline or synopsis. We are developing such watches in small lots in a small way.